Calibrachoa Bumble Bee Orange Calibrachoa Bumble Bee Orange
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Calibrachoa Bumble Bee Orange

A large, cascading calibrachoa covered in blooms with a vibrant orange pattern.
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Though they look like mini-petunias they are not petunias at all-no dead-heading is necessary and the fuzzy, faintly aromatic foliage is not sticky.  Calibrachoa like to be fertilized regularly and do best in evenly moist to slightly dry soil.  A petite, perky, prolific bloomer, tumbles happily from baskets, boxes, balconies and planters.

Despite its dainty appearance the blooms are sturdy and will withstand most windy and rainy conditions.  This fast growing, fragrant bloomer loves the sun yet is cold hardy and will bloom well into the fall.

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