Cercis Canadensis - Redbud, Eastern #15

The charm of this small, flowering tree lies in its pretty pink, spring flowers and lovely, s ummer leaves.
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Planted as a specimen in full sun, redbud develops rising branches and a full, rounded crown.  This tree grows fast when young, slowing down after its first 10 years.  The foliage is heart-shaped in the form of 4"-5" x 4"-5" simple alternate leaves that emerge with the flowers.  Spring foliage is bright green with a bronzy purple tinge, followed by clear green, summer color; fall color can be yellowy.  Clusters of rosy purple buds open to pink, pea-like blooms in spring before and during the advent of leaves.  Flowering lasts up to 3 weeks.

Use as a lovely understory tree for spring-blooming woodland gardens, lawn specimen, border accent or grouped.

25' H x 30' W

Zones 5-9

Full sun to partial shade

Moist, well-drained, fertile soils; adaptable  to varying pH and other landscape conditions except wetness.

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