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Prunus persica Contender - Peach, Contender #5

Prunus persica 'Contender' is a wonderful peach tree adorned with profuse, fragrant, pink blossoms in early-mid spring.


Malus domestica Red Delicious - Apple #5

Legend has it that the red delicious was named when its discoverer sent samples of the apple to a commercial nursery in Iowa (back in 1892). One bite into the apple and the nursery owner exclaimed, “Delicious”!


Malus domestica Fuji - Apple #5

The Fuji tree will produce apples in 3 to 5 years. Soil type needed is average to loamy but responds to enriched soil with better production.


Prunus domestica Italian Prune - Plum, Italian Dwarf #5

Italian prune plum trees are self-fertile, winter hardy, and the luscious fruit can be eaten fresh, dried, or canned.


Prunus avium Stella - Cherry, Stella #5

'Stella' is a medium-sized cherry tree of pyramidal habit boasting an abundance of sweetly scented white flowers clustered along the branches in mid-spring.


Pyrus communis Green Danjou, Pear, D'anjou

Considered a high-producer, you'll enjoy having plenty of delicious pears to share when the fall harvest begins.


Bing Cherry

Black Cherry. Solid flesh with high quality flavor. A fine shipping market variety.


BlackIce Plum

BlackIce™ is a cross between a cherry plum and a conventional Japanese dessert plum resulting in large fruit with superior winter hardiness and an early ripening date. Fruit size and yield is comparable to popular conventional cultivars, however, the ripe