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Helictotrichon sempervirens 'Blue Oat Grass'

Blue Oat grass looks like a miniature water fountain, with its densely packed leaves gently spraying upward and arching back downward at the tips.


Muhlenbergia Undaunted

A warm season grass of exceptionally fine texture. Narrow green foliage creates a rounded, arching habit.


Grass Pennisetum Fireworks

Each leaf includes various shades of pink, burgundy and purple with a little white thrown in for contrast.


Grass Pennistum Prailine

Those with smaller garden spaces can now incorporate the pleasing texture and drama of ornamental grasses with this petite sweetheart.


Saccharum ravennae Erianthus, Grass Hardy Pampas

A dramatically tall, warm-season Ornamental Grass, its use in the landscape is well known due to its height, impact on the garden, and tropical appearance!


Miscanthus 'Oktoberfest'

The wide, deep green leaves with a white midrib form a narrowly upright tower about 4½’ tall before blooming.


Andropogon 'Blackhawks'

Big Bluestem are perfect for providing height and color to the garden