Live Moss Terrarium Supply Kit

Everything you need but the glass!
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Enjoy the Terrarium Supply Kit while creating your masterpiece terrarium or mini garden at home! This versatile arrangement adds to supplies you may already have or you can customize to provide everything you need to create a moss terrarium start to finish.

Kit includes:

1 package of Sphagnum Moss 1 package of Jade Pebbles 1 package of Brown Rock 1 package of Soil 1 package of Horticultural Charcoal 1 package of Driftwood Assortment of live/preserved moss, birch bark, pinecone, lichen.

Enjoy a variety of superior supplies that can be used to layer and decorate your terrarium or Fairy House/Garden--You supply the vessel! Moss arrives live. If it is dried out rehydrate with water if you wish to keep growing, otherwise it's okay to enjoy dried out with no care.

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