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The mother in laws tongue (also known as Snake PlantSaint George’s swordmother-in-law’s tongue, and viper’s bowstring hemp) is a flowering species primarily grown for its slick sword-like long leaves. This is a slow-growing plant that anyone can grow because of its low and high sunlight tolerance and ease of watering. In indoor lighting, snake plants typically develop slowly, but adding more light will speed up growth if the plant gets a few hours of direct sunlight. The optimal time to plant and repot is in the spring.

The Dracaena trifasciata picked up the name mother in laws tongue from the sharpness of the evergreen sword-like leaves that grow in an upward fashion. While this plant can bloom if grown outside, it doesn’t bloom frequently and is very unlikely to produce a flower if grown as an indoor plant(not impossible).

Air purifying: While all plants are air purifying, this particular plant purifies air-borne toxins. The snake plant is among the top plants tested for purification of indoor air and added to a list by NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) for removing benzene, formaldehyde, and other harmful toxins.

Poisonous for pets: If cats or dogs ingest parts of this plant, it can cause them to feel unwell, start vomiting, or have diarrhea. They are not highly toxic but still can cause uncomfortable symptoms.

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