Prunus virginiana, Chokecherry Canada Red #15

Canada Red Chokecherry is a medium sized ornamental tree.
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Why it rocks:

Canada Red Chokecherry is a very cold hardy tree. Its unique foliage is a guaranteed eye-catcher. It goes from green in the Spring to dark purple as the weather warms, then intensifies to reddish in the Fall. You can't forget about its beautiful small white flower clusters in the Spring. This is an all-around fantastic tree. From its hardiness to its beauty. 

Where to put it:

Canada Red Chokecherry is a medium sized ornamental tree. That is commonly used in the front or back landscape to provide accent or anchoring, or around a deck or patio. This tree should be planted at least 5ft away from buildings. 

What it needs:

Canada Red Chokecherry is an extremely tolerant tree which can grow in almost any conditions. It can stand up to harsh cold winters as well. 

Height: 25'

Spread: 20'

Zone: 2

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