Purple Passion Vine

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The purple passion vine (Gynura aurantiaca) is a well-loved evergreen commonly grown as a houseplant. It is related to asters and comes from a very large genus of similar plants. This particular variety is native to Indonesia and Java. The velvety green oval leaves have bright purple edges and veining, and a faint purple sheen due to the purple color of the tiny hairs on the leaf surface. It also has bright purple stems, making it one of the most colorful foliage plants you can display indoors. The trailing vines make it perfect for a hanging basket. It is also known as the "purple velvet plant" and the "royal velvet plant" due to its soft velvety texture.

Purple passion vine should be grown in bright, indirect light to filtered sun. Water this plant often enough to keep the soil moist, but not soggy, throughout the growing season. Opt for pots with plenty of drainage to help prevent root rot, planting your purple passion vine in soil like a commercial potting mix with vermiculite.

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