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Liquid Houseplant Fertilizer

Packer Plant Co Plant Food is just what your plants need to grow happy and healthy!


Air Plant Fertilizer 16-9-25

Our air plant fertilizer will keep your air plants happy and healthy!


Bushdoctor Fungicide Qt

For the control of powdery mildew
FORCE OF NATURE® Fungicide helps control Powdery Mildew on many types of plants, including melons, squash, tomatoes, trees, grapes, cucumbers and all sorts of flowers.

Force of Nature® Fungicide is applied as a foliar


Bushdoctor Insect Repellent Qt

Force of Nature® Insect Repellent helps keep insects away from plants, trees and shrubs.


Neem & Gleam

Our organic neem oil spray is made small batch with organic ingredients! Scented with essential oils, you will love to use this product on a regular bases.


Bye Bye Fly

Bye Bye Fly is a natural, non toxic, and effective solution to control fungus gnats.


Bushdoctor Flower Kiss

Survival of the fittest is a way of life in the rainforest. Layer upon layer of giants lift their foliage to the sky where sunlight, water and nutrients can be claimed.


Bushdoctor Kagaroots

Bush Doctor Kangaroots® is a liquid root drench formulation designed to enhance root efficiency in the rhizosphere.