Today’s modern landscape design relies heavily on shrubs. In fact, one of the hottest trends is using shrubs to create low maintenance shrub borders. The shrubs we offer are hardy to the area, easy to care for and will remain attractive for long periods of time with minimal effort.

On their own, they can create dramatic, eye-catching focal points. And once established, they tend to require very little care. They are extremely versatile, producing colorful blooms and/or foliage as well as offering food and shelter for wildlife. And you'll find that many bring multi-season appeal, even throughout winter.

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Viburnum opulus 'Roseum'/Common Snowball Viburnum #2

Bright green foliage changes to vibrant red fall color. Pure white snowball-like flower clusters cover the shrub for a lengthy spring to summer period.


Cornus alba Bailhalo - Dogwood, Ivory Halo #3 MS

White-edged leaves with green centers, red winter stems and rounded form.


Juniperus chinensis Sea Green, Juniper #5

hey feel very modern, with a free-form, fountain-like, arching habit and soft, mint green foliage.


Potentilla Dakota Sunspot Gold

Compact variety with deep golden, 1" flowers produced profusely all season.


Salix candida First Edition Iceberg Alley

Iceberg Alley™, a native plant discovered by the Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador Botanical Garden. Powdery, silver foliage of this small shrub is a great addition to the landscape, adding texture and contrast when combined with other shru


Philadephus lewisii 'Blizzard'/Blizzard Mockorange #2

This shrub blooms in June for up to 4 weeks with single, white fragrant flowers borne in clusters. It forms a medium sized upright shrub that is tolerant of full sun.


Cotoneaster lucidus/Hedge Cotoneaster #5

An excellent hedge plant that withstands pruning. Small pink flowers bloom in spring and are followed by black fruit. Free from insects and disease. Xeriscape plant.


Cornus baileyi/Red Twig Dogwood #5

An excellent red stem dogwood that provides beautiful color in winter. Porcelain-blue fruits. Shade tolerant. Very adaptable.


Hibiscus Summerific 'Valentines Crush'

This Hibiscus hybrid or Rose Mallow blooms from mid-summer until early fall.


Ribes alpinum, Currant, Alpine

The Alpine Currant features dense branches from roots to tip that is completely cloaked by small leaves in medium green.


Pysocarpus opulifolius Monio, Ninebark Diablo #5

The unique burgundy red leaf of this particular variety is absolutely stunning and quite rare.

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